Smart international calls on your mobile

New networks added

The Dial-a-Code service now works on all O2 and Three phones.


With no forms to complete and no need to activate, you can use Dial-a-Code right away. Just search for your country, get your access code and start making international calls from your mobile.


With Dial-a-Code now available on all Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go phones you can make international calls from your mobile, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. You no longer have to carry two phones, or a special SIM card, or have to use your landline. You can use the service from all O2 and Three phones.

Store your Dial-a-Code access code plus your international number in one entry in your phone book or download our FREE smart phone app , to make it even quicker and easier to call friends and family abroad. Find out how to program your phone here.


Pay nothing more than the rate you see listed on our site, billed directly by your trusted network operator. Dial-a-Code won't send you any bills, and there are no additional charges associated with using the service. This means the rate you see is the rate you pay!

Got a smart phone?

Get the Dial-a-Code App for Android and iPhone! Read more about it and download it FREE here.

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